Hockey Canada Safety Programs

Hockey Canada runs and promotes numerous programs designed to ensure the game of hockey is safe, fun and inclusive. Programs include safety practices for on-ice play, dressing room, parents, coaches and support staff.


Independent Safe Sport Complaint Process 

In accordance with Hockey Canada’s Action Plan, Hockey Canada has set up an independent, confidential third-party complaints process.

The independent third party is available to hear from anyone who feels they are a victim of mistreatment, sexual violence, harassment or abuse by someone affiliated with Hockey Canada. The independent third party will review each matter without involvement or influence from Hockey Canada.

You should feel safe reporting all complaints to the independent third party.

Complaints should be directed to

Hockey Canada works to integrate safety messaging in safety steps into all of its programming and every day business. The framework for a safe environment is made up of a few essential steps that can be taken on and off the ice.
The Respect in Sport activity leader program is Hockey Canada’s official online course for the prevention of abuse, bullying and harassment.
Hockey Canada is determined to reduce concussions in Hockey. RESPECT, rules, rule enforcement, education, awareness and skill development are all key steps to reducing concussions. Players and adults involved in the game all have a role.
A player is injured – what is your role?
It is always concerning to see a player go down on the ice injured, however if we all know our responsibility when this happens it allows for quick organized response to these situations.
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