2021 IIHF World Junior Championship

World Juniors 50/50 - Win Bigger Than Ever!


Tickets available every game day from 9 a.m. MT until 10 p.m. MT.

On every game day at the IIHF World Junior Championship – starting Dec. 22 with pre-tournament play – fans across Alberta can ‘win bigger than ever’ with an online 50/50.

Winning Numbers

Date Number Jackpot Prize Winner

December 22, 2020




Danielle Graham

December 23, 2020




Ken Benner

December 25, 2020




Ruth Rowlandson

December 26, 2020





December 27, 2020




Shari Mack

December 28, 2020




Jonathon Courtoreille

December 29, 2020




Karly Warren

December 30, 2020




Scott Lindsay

December 31, 2020





January 2, 2021




Colin Cameron

January 4, 2021




Danielle Charron

January 5, 2021




Hayley McNeil

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Meet the 50/50 Winners!

For the first time in World Juniors history the 50/50 draw has gone online, allowing fans across Alberta an opportunity to win big while leaving a substantial financial legacy for grassroots hockey across the province.

Meet the Albertans who have claimed the jackpots!

December 27 – Shari Mack ($241,850)

It might have been Shari’s name on the ticket, but the biggest jackpot to date is being shared between eight front-line health-care workers from the Lloydminster Hospital.

The group of women, who work in the maternity unit, are strong supporters of the Alberta hockey community and most have children who play minor hockey. After what was a long and stressful year due to COVID-19, Shari says they feel extremely blessed to have had the winning ticket.

To hear from the group, watch below.


December 23 – Ken Benner ($83,625)

Ken and his wife have been watching the World Juniors for at least the last 15 years. While he admits he can’t skate, he does appreciate watching the young stars of tomorrow.

The Airdrie, Alta., resident was stunned when he realized he had the winning 50/50 ticket. “I figured out I had the winning number, but you never really believe it.”

It was an early Christmas gift for Benner and his wife, but they don’t plan on spending too much of their winnings right away. Most of it will go into their retirement fund for the future, but they do have one – or eight – gifts in mind.

We have eight siblings between the two of us. So we plan on gifting each of them a thousand dollars for some spending cash.”

December 22 – Danielle Graham ($46,145)

A mother of three from the hamlet of Rainier, located 30 minutes south of Brooks, Danielle and her husband are avid fans of the World Juniors, attending games at the 2010 tournament when Saskatoon and Regina, Sask., played host.

Now, as a hockey mom, she enjoys watching her son beam with pride as he dreams of one day playing for Team Canada. “My son plays U7 in Brooks, and anytime he watches [Team Canada] play is a big deal.

Being from a small town, word spread quickly once Danielle discovered she had won the first jackpot. “One of the best things about hockey is the hockey family – everyone supports each other [and] it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

So what will she do with her winnings?

Once everything is safe I think we’d like to take our kids to Disneyland. But my son, of course, asked if I could take him to the World Juniors to watch it live.”

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