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NHL/NHLPA First Shift, by the numbers

A fact-and-figures look at the NHL/NHLPA First Shift, on and off the ice

Shannon Coulter
September 29, 2021

The return of our game means the return of the NHL/NHLPA First Shift. The eighth season of the program kicks off Wednesday in St. Catharines, Ont., and Hockey Canada, Bauer, the NHL and the NHLPA are excited to help more kids fall in love with hockey.

The NHL/NHLPA First Shift program is designed to facilitate entry into hockey by offering a program that is accessible, affordable, safe and, most importantly, fun! Each program includes a full set of Bauer equipment properly fitted by experts, a welcome event and six on-ice sessions with fun drills and great instructors.

This unique program is designed to ensure a positive experience for any families that are new to the game. We want families to experience the game at its best and provide a memorable and fun event to our participants.

As we head into our eighth season, here’s a look at NHL/NHLPA First Shift, by the numbers.

4: Para hockey programs scheduled for the 2021-22 season. Since 2014, we have run four para hockey First Shift events, meaning that by the end of the 2021-22 season we will double the number of executed para hockey programs.

6: On-ice sessions included in every NHL/NHLPA First Shift program. Each on-ice session focuses on having fun and learning to play the game.

7: Canadian NHL teams participating in delivering the program. All seven Canadian teams play a role in assisting with every First Shift event.

8: Seasons of the First Shift program. This is the third year with the NHL and NHLPA as partners.

13: Members across the country that host NHL/NHLPA First Shift programs. Each of the 13 Hockey Canada Members work with local hockey associations from coast to coast to coast to host events throughout the season.

30: Fit Experts that will be travelling across Canada during the 2021-22 season to assist with welcome events. To date, 72 experts have travelled across the country to help each participant get fit with their Bauer equipment to play hockey.

39: All-girls programs scheduled for this upcoming season. Over the past seven seasons, we have run 97 all-girls First Shift events.

225: NHL/NHLPA First Shift programs scheduled for the 2021-22 season.

874: Programs that have run since 2014. This also includes two NHL/NHLPA First Shift programs for participants on the autism spectrum.

5,244: Hours of on-ice sessions run through the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program.

8,673: Volunteers from local hockey associations, Members and NHL team staff that have been involved with the First Shift program. Their support and dedication have allowed the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program to run smoothly since 2014.

10,487: Girls that have participated in the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program.

21,245: Boys that have participated in the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program.

31,732: Kids, in total, that have participated in the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program since its launch in 2014.

130,095: Hours of support that have been provided by volunteers from local hockey associations, Members and NHL team staff.

571,176: Pieces of Bauer equipment that have been used by NHL/NHLPA First Shift participants. With our participants decked out head to toe in Bauer equipment, they are ready to have fun and have a memorable experience on the ice.

Click here for more information about the NHL/NHLPA First Shift program.

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