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A volunteer’s passion

A young communications student with a love of the game, Érika Bosch shares her experience as manager with the Collège Français de Longueuil

Hockey Québec
April 23, 2021

Great opportunities come to those who give back to the game. Érika Bosch can attest to that. She pursued her passion for hockey as manager with the Collège Français de Longueuil, while accumulating professional experience in communications.

For National Volunteer Week, we spoke with the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) public relations student to get an insight on her experience as a minor hockey volunteer.

Why do you volunteer, and how old were you when you first started?

When I was 13 and 14, I volunteered for the Saint-Hubert International Women’s Tournament, but it was more of a hobby for me. It was with the Collège Français that I truly got involved in hockey. My youngest brother played with their Midget Espoir team.

It was my first experience as team manager. I thought the timing was right, and I’m passionate about the game.

I study public relations at university. Volunteering allows me to gain experience in this field. I have always wanted a career in the hockey world and in communications. As team manager, I learned a lot while doing the small things.

And as a former minor hockey player, I could share my love of the game with the kids. I wanted them to experience the same kind of hockey seasons I did or wish I did.

What was your role as team manager?

A team manager ensures communication between three parties: parents, players and coaches.

We used to do line-ups using game sheets, but with all the programs nowadays, I can post them online. Being team manager also means administering everything from budgets to fundraising, if needed.

I organized team-building activities for the players, the Christmas dinner and the end-of-year party. I was also in charge of the team’s branded merchandise, placing orders, liaising with service providers and processing payments.

Why did you choose to get involved in hockey specifically?

I come from a true hockey family. As a baby, I wore my hockey jersey in the stands. My uncle Patrice Bosch coached in Junior AAA and Major Junior, as well as for Team Canada [at the World Junior A Challenge]. He was also involved with Hockey Quebec.

We spent our weekends at the rinks. One of the perks of knowing the coaches is being invited backstage and seeing the players answer questions after a game. It gave me a glimpse of the other side of the coin and everything management work requires.


What do you get out of your volunteer experience?

I think it’s a very nice first professional experience. I saw that when you give it your all, you get a whole lot out of it. You gain experience.

I have learned a lot, from budgeting to managing cash flow and producing Excel reports for the parents. I want to give back to my community, help others and support the players along their hockey journeys.

Communications vary from one organization to the next. Hockey is such a dynamic world. So much can happen and things may take unexpected turns. I’ve learned so much.

Tell us about your volunteering experience with your family last year.

It really is a passion shared by my whole family. My youngest brother, who wants to coach, and my dad teamed up behind the bench. I had two years’ experience as team manager, so I took on that role again.


What’s next for you? Do you plan to stay involved in minor hockey?

This is the final year of my BA (bachelor of arts degree), so I’m in a transition. I am looking for job opportunities in the sports world. I would obviously like to stay involved, depending on my schedule.

I dream of living off my passion for hockey. If I could manage a hockey team all year around, I would. I found out just how exciting and rewarding it can be to give back to the game and dedicate myself fully to it. I could see the kind of impact you can have on a hockey season and how well it runs. I will look for opportunities, whether in a volunteer capacity or a full-time job in the hockey world.

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